Slatted Covers

DPC Slatted Covers can be installed in a number of different ways to suit your needs. Underwater installations ensure that the roller and motor remain out of sight: when the pool is open, you will not even know you have a cover! There are several types of underwater installations available. These will depend on the characteristics of the pool: we would be happy to advise you on which options are best for you.

For existing pools, where it is not possible or practical to carry out construction work, DPC Slatted Covers can either be installed at the bottom of your pool or, more easily, on the deck around your pool. This type of installation is extremely simple and requires minimal preparation work. Rollers can be covered by benches to match with your pool surroundings.

Advantages of Underwater Installations

  • Roller and waterproof 24 Volt motor can be hidden in a pit behind the pool (wet-pit installation), or in the pool wall (inĀ­ wall installation), or under the floor of the pool (bottom-pit installation).
  • No obstructions around the pool
  • Does not interfere with the aesthetics of your pool