Protect your loved
ones with
Designer Pool Covers
A reliable safety solution that acts as a barrier,
preventing accidental falls and keeping your
family and pets safe.
SAVE ENERGY Reduce your carbon footprint and save on
energy costs with Designer Pool Covers,
engineered to retain heat during colder
weather and minimize heat loss through evaporation.
SAVE MONEY Our pool covers not only reduce water loss
but also minimize the need for chemical
treatments and maintenance costs,
translating to significant cost savings for pool owners.
SAVE TIME Spend less time and effort on cleaning and
maintenance with Designer Pool Covers,
keeping out dust, rainwater, and debris for a
crystal-clear pool.
ALL-SEASON COVER Enjoy your pool year-round without additional
cover changes with Designer Pool Covers,
providing comprehensive protection with
benefits of a safety, solar, and winter cover in one.

About Us


Designer Pool Covers UK is a trusted provider of high-quality swimming pool covers with a commitment to exceptional service. With extensive experience in developing, producing, and installing safety and slatted covers, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering reliable and effective pool covers tailored to the unique needs of our customers.


With Designer Pool Covers, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible protection for your pool. Our covers are designed and engineered to the highest standards of safety and quality, providing unbeatable value and peace of mind for pool owners. Don’t settle for an ordinary pool cover when you can have a Designer Pool Cover.


At Designer Pool Covers, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service for all of our clients. We believe that the key to success is having a dedicated and knowledgeable team to handle every aspect of the job, which is why we do not work with sub-contractors. Our team is equipped with the skills and experience necessary to install, maintain, repair, and replace all of our pool covers and equipment. We also have our own product design team in-house, which allows us to create custom solutions for any unique needs or preferences our clients may have.


We offer a range of pool cover installations, including safety, solar, winter, and automatic hydraulic covers.

Our team can also provide pool cover repairs and replacements to keep your pool area safe and protected.

We also offer repairs and services for different types of automatic covers, and can even take over the original warranty conditions for certain pool cover brands. Get in touch with us to check if your cover is eligible

Discover the ultimate safety solution for your pool area with our high-quality covers.

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Types of Covers


Automatic safety covers

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Automatic slatted covers

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Manual Safety Covers

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Types of installation

Safety Covers

Under Mechanism – Top / Flat Track

Suitable if you are willing to have some work done around your existing pool

Ideal for freeform, odd-shaped or overflow pools

Mechanism is positioned inside a pit below the deck level

Pit for the mechanism must be built according to Designer Pool Covers requirementsRead More »

Top Mechanism – Top / Flat Track

Ideal for existing pools

Requires minimal work to be carried out around your pool

Track is positioned on the patio or the coping stone along the pool

Mechanism is installed on the deck level

Easiest solution for existing pools, but can also be used for newly-built poolsRead More »

Under Mechanism – Under Track

Used only for rectangular, newly-constructed skimmer-type pools or skimmer-type pools which are being renovated

Track must be installed under the coping stones and above the level of the water

Mechanism is usually installed below the deck level

Pit for the mechanism must be builtRead More »

Slatted Covers

Underwater Installations

Roller and waterproof 24 Volt motor can be hidden in a pit behind the pool (wet-pit installation), or in the pool wall (in­ wall installation), or under the floor of the pool (bottom-pit installation).

No obstructions around the pool

Does not interfere with the aesthetics of your poolRead More »

Deck-Mount (Top) Installations

Simple installation

Minimal site preparation required for installation

Easy maintenance and access for servicingRead More »




Designer Pool Covers provide a reliable and effective safety solution for your pool area, acting as a horizontal barrier that separates the water from the surrounding areas. By preventing accidental falls into the pool, our covers help keep your family, friends, and pets safe while adding peace of mind to your pool experience.


With Designer Pool Covers, you can enjoy a crystal-clear pool with less time and effort spent on cleaning and maintenance. Our covers effectively keep out dust, rainwater, and debris, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.


Our specially designed covers are engineered to reduce heat loss through evaporation, resulting in significant energy savings for pool owners. By retaining heat during colder weather, Designer Pool Covers help maintain a comfortable swimming temperature, while reducing energy costs and minimizing your carbon footprint.


Unlike other pool covers that are designed for specific seasons, Designer Pool Covers provide year-round protection, combining the benefits of a safety cover, a solar cover, and a winter cover into one comprehensive solution. With Designer Pool Covers, you can enjoy your pool all year round without any additional cover changes.


Our pool covers not only reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation but also minimize the need for chemical treatments and other maintenance costs. This translates to significant cost savings for pool owners, making Designer Pool Covers a smart and economical investment for any pool owner.
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